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The #1 selling Contact Manager is now easier to use than ever!

ACT! 2014 will EVOLVE your business.

With more than 2.8 million individual users and 41,000 corporate customers, ACT! has been the #1 selling contact and customer manager for 22 years. It helps teams and workgroups make contact, build relationships, and get results. Now easier to use than ever, ACT! has tools to increase your team's productivity, while providing for advanced security and centralized administration.

ACT! works with your favorite tools: iPhone®, Android®, or any PDA. Tight integration with QuickBooks®, Microsoft® Office and Microsoft Outlook means that ACT! works the way you work...                 

ACT! Premium for Web 2014

Utilizing the same familiar interface, ACT! Premium for Web provides users with anytime, anywhere access to centralized, secure data – enabling remote, traveling, or office-based users access to information in real time through a Web browser. Server installation allows for easy roll-out to users and provides organizations with the security of knowing that critical customer data stays within their firewalls, not on individual user PC’s. Sage ACT! Premium for Web delivers all of the benefits of hosted Web-based solutions, without the recurring cost of monthly fees!

ACT! Premium for Web Mobile

You're going places. And to keep that momentum going, it's critical that your business command center goes with you. With ACT! Premium Mobile you can stay connected to your business by accessing key Sage ACT! details from your favorite supported device. No more struggling to recall fuzzy details, or worse, be at a total disadvantage with old information.

Stay productive and keep your conversations fluid with the convenience of using familiar functionality to instantly view and capture important customer details in real time. All the robust functionality you're accustomed to, now with easier access and immediate updates.

Important Note for all customers: Sage Software recommends you carefully review all ACT! system requirements at http://www.act.com/products/system/v16/premium/ to ensure your system meets these requirements. 

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